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If an issue cannot be resolved, then you may request a refund within 14 days of your initial purchase. After the 14 days have elapsed, then you may no longer receive a refund. Please note that we will always do our best to assist you and fulfill your requests.

The dedication we have for our clients pushes us to provide an unlimited amount of revisions until customer satisfaction. If you have an issue with our content, then please let us know. Our team will revise it and deliver it to you within the project’s initial delivery time. An example of this is below.

EX. If you purchased 100 words, then your revision will be completed within 2 days or less depending upon the extent of the emendation requested.

We guarantee that there is no plagiarism within any of our content. Before a project is delivered, it undergoes a thorough examination for grammatical errors, sentence structure issues, correct citations, and numerous other criteria. If you feel that the content we’ve created isn’t what you wanted, then we’re more than happy to revise it until you’re satisfied. 

Our delivery policy is simple: specify when you need your project delivered and we’ll have it to you by then. All custom orders will be delivered within the time frame we mention to you. If you need your project delivered within 24 hours, then please refer to our One-Day Delivery service. Otherwise, our standard delivery times are below. 

  • 100 Words – 2 Days 
  • 500 Words –  4 Days
  • 1000 Words – 6 Days
  • Blog Mentions will be fulfilled when a new blog post is available
  • Revisions will be delivered within the project’s original delivery time or less