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America is a diverse nation that has incorporated various cultures into its own society which gives it a unique blend when it comes to food. We find that the Mexican culture has greatly affected the types of food and beverages served within American borders. However, American and Mexican food is still distinguishable by numerous factors such as spices, condiments, and presentation. These are aspects of a meal that cannot be overlooked as each one plays a major role in the identity of a dish. From the taste to the looks, Mexican and American food varies greatly.

Spices are an integral component to all dishes as they modify the taste of a meal dramatically. Mexican food relies heavily on certain spices in order to achieve the perfect flavor for that specific dish. American foods however, are primarily devoid of spices and boast a bland taste that forces the consumer to relish the texture of the meal they’re consuming. This is a major difference between the two cultures as Americans enjoy their meals with little to no spice while Mexicans cannot savor a dish without the burning sensation associated with spices. Such a distinguishing variation between the two enables us to make the conclusion that American and Mexican foods taste extremely different.

Condiments are a traditional inclusion to a larger meal in both Mexican and American cultures. Whether it be ketchup or salsa, condiments are a supplementary addition that can alter the experience of eating Mexican or American food. The differences between how condiments are used and their taste are astronomical between American and Mexican dishes. It’s traditional to have the condiments entirely separate from the entree within the Mexican culture. However, in American culture, condiments are generally on the entree and sometimes off. This minor difference between how condiments are used is nothing compared to how much of an effect condiments have on the meal between the two cultures.

Some say that the methods used to present a meal is a form of art that should not be ignored as it directly affects the enjoyment of the consumer. Large food and beverage corporations understand this very well as they display their consumables in the most appealing manner possible in order to increase revenue. Between the American and Mexican cultures, the American culture focuses more on a dishes presentation than the Mexican culture. Food is shown in a simple manner forcing the consumer to enjoy the taste rather than the look in the Mexican culture. It seems that the American culture would rather have food look good than taste good which is certainly an idea many food lovers are against.

The American society is a fusion of all cultures and people from around the world. Mexican food is one of the primary contributors to this fusion of foods within the American culture. Although Mexican dishes are served heavily throughout the U.S. they certainly possess their own astonishing attributes. The differences between American and Mexican food seem to be shrinking but since these two incredible cultures will never integrate completely, there will always be dividing factors. Nonetheless, both of these cultures offer irresistible dishes even though they are prepared, eaten, and served differently.