Academic Writing


Academic Sample

The classroom is filled with a variety of students who are either determined to succeed or ready to fail. Teachers meet new students every semester and although everyone is different, they can certainly be classified into three categories.  There are three types of students, good, bad, and lazy. All students can fit into one of these categories and advance or retrogress into one. The teacher is an influence that can either be positive or negative on the student. The effect a teacher has can very well determine the outcome of a student’s success within the classroom.

Every teacher wishes for their students to aspire to a standard that is pure excellence. The definition of a good student varies from person to person as everyone has their own opinions which is obvious. My definition of a good student would be an individual who attempts to succeed in every task given by their instructor. These students are few in number and are persistent in their efforts to succeed in the classroom. A good student studies hard and pays attention in class as they attempt to remain one step ahead of everyone else.

No instructor wants to interact with these types of students as they hold back the rest of the class and cause issues. Bad students are those who display apathy in the classroom and exert little to no effort in their academic activities. Generally, these students fail the class they’re rarely attending due to poor knowledge of the subject being taught. It may be that they’re preoccupied with their personal life or simply disregard education entirely. Whatever it may be, these students are deemed to be a burden to the teacher and other students in the classroom.

The majority of students fit into this category as they fall prey to boredom within the classroom. Lazy students are those who are in-between being a good or bad student. They exhibit behavior that is both positive and negative to their academic achievement as they do not possess a firm conviction within the classroom. These students are on the verge of excelling or failing and are comparable to a weight scale that is ready to be tipped. It is the teacher’s responsibility to push these students towards success and assist them in the prevention of their own failure.

 Overall, the choices students make within the classroom will determine their success within the course. Their environment, instructor and personal life also play roles that will dramatically affect their success or failure. I classify myself as a lazy student who has the capability of being a good student but simply doesn’t want to. Like many others, I find school to be dull, bland and uninformative. Everyone has their own unique personality but they will certainly fit into at least one of these classifications.