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The most important part of a website is the content. When a person goes onto a website, it isn’t the visuals that convert them into readers/buyers, it’s the writing. Online content marketing is the most effective way to increase traffic, exposure, and sales. The more time you invest in high quality content creation, the more it’ll pay off. In fact, take a quick look through the internet and ask yourself, “What evokes a response from internet users?” After a few minutes, you should be able to know that it’s the content. Now that we’ve established the crucial nature of content on your website, let’s talk about the characteristics of excellent content and how you can make it yourself. We’ll also discuss some of the major benefits of having good content on your site.


When creating your website, you’ll want to make sure that you include high quality content that resonates with the emotions of your audience. You can do so by incorporating rhetorical appeals, discussion


 Rhetorical Appeals

 All of the content on your site should be informative and persuasive. Rhetorical appeals will give your content the emotional, credible, and factual power they need in order to persuade a reader. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? You’ll want to use the following rhetorical devices:

  1. Ethos – Display the credibility of your business by affiliating yourself with reliable sources.
  2. Logos –Use factual data that supports your business and informs the reader about how successful your services/products will be for them.
  3. Pathos –Exploit the emotional aspect of your readers.

Now that you understand rhetorical appeals, we can explain in-depth on how to incorporate them into your content.



Ethos is by far the most commonly used rhetorical appeal; it’s also the most difficult rhetorical appeal to include in content. Businesses primarily utilize ethos in their advertising campaigns. They do so by having a celebrity appear in an advertisement for their business. Another method is to have a well renowned individual endorse their products/services on a contract basis. If you’re a small business or a new blogger, this isn’t the appeal you’ll want to focus on since you don’t have access to popular individuals. However, you can still try to use ethos by informing your reader about well renowned clients you’ve served. For example, if you own a web designing company and you created the website for a large corporation, then tell your customers. By doing so, you’ll be taking advantage of the credibility of another company; since that major corporation purchased your products/services, your buyers will have more confidence when making a purchase from your business. Another method is to have popular websites link back to your content through backlinks. You can do this by guest posting on other blogs or paying a business to post a backlink to your site on one of their posts/pages.



Facts. An educated consumer is looking for cold hard data that they can scrutinize when deciding whether or not your business is reliable. Instead of withholding these facts, publicly display them. If your business truly is successful and can be trusted by consumers, then you shouldn’t have any need to hide statistical information from prospective customers. However, newly formed businesses may be in a dilemma here as they don’t have any data to show to customers. The best thing to do in this situation is to simply wait until you do have that kind of data. Once you do, proudly display it on your site for everyone to view. The kind of data you’ll want to display can be any of the following: total amount of sales, years of operation for your business, countries in which your business operates, number of employees etc. There is certainly more data that you can incorporate within your content in order to appeal in regards to logos; you just need to figure out what your customers are looking for by conducting research.



This appeal is primarily used by Non-Profit Organizations(NPOs). For example, you might be watching T.V. and see an advertisement that depicts the crude conditions in which a child may be living in. This appeals directly to your emotions and pushes you to act on your humanity. In fact, pathos might be the strongest rhetorical appeal for your business; this depends upon your target market. If you’re business is For-Profit, then you may want to focus on another emotion entirely. That emotion is happiness. Yes, making your customers happy increases sales. One way you can make your customers happy is by appealing to their humor. The food & beverage industry has plenty of companies that leverage the happiness of their customers to their advantage. It’s time for you to do the same by using pathos in your content so that every time your business is mentioned, your customer becomes happy.


That’s basically everything you need to know in regards to rhetorical appeals. Use them as much as you can when creating your content and you’ll find it to be more persuasive. Let’s talk about some of the major benefits you’ll receive from amazing content.


Get More Sales

Prospective customers want you to convince them that your product/service is the best on the market. The persuasive content on your website will definitely increase the conversion of leads into sales; isn’t that what every business wants? That means you have to make your reader believe in your business and trust in your products/services. Once you do that, then you’re inevitably going to receive more sales. As any experienced businessman knows, receiving sales makes a domino effect occur. This domino effect leads to more sales which leads to even more sales and so on. That extra revenue is definitely going to help your business flourish and enhance the experience you can deliver to your clientele.


Just make sure that you have a well-designed website to compliment your content so that customers can easily make a purchase. Good content and web design play a significant role in how your website is ranked on search engines which is the next benefit of good content; don’t forget to add high quality backlinks.


Rank Higher In Search Engines

Search engines rank sites based on the quality of their content; there are other factors such as domain age, page speed, backlinks, spam etc. The website with the most beneficial content is ranked over all other sites discussing that particular topic; especially if it uses a relevant keyword. Incorporate your keyword into your content as much as you can so that your ranks higher in search engines. This is why meticulous keyword research is so important; you can’t create good content without it. In fact, the base of your content is a keyword; or even multiple keywords. If you think that your writing is good enough to get you ranked on search engines without keywords, then go ahead and try. You’ll eventually realize that keywords are a basic necessity in the SEO world after your content isn’t ranked. Overall, the better the content, the higher your search engine ranking.


Increase Business Credibility

The leads you get from your marketing campaign will run away from your business if it lacks a professional tone, proper grammar, and convincing content. Business credibility is everything to a knowledgeable buyer. If a prospective customer is deciding between you and a competitor and your business has more credibility, then you’ve just gained yourself a sale; you’ve also hindered your competitor from some profit which is a double-win for you. On a side note, if your business has a website, then this is a perfect opportunity for you to do some internal and external link building; this will help your search engine rankings.



Professional Content Writing Services

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Looking back through this post, you should be able to realize just how important content is to every aspect of your business. If you’re a marketer, writer, entrepreneur, or blogger, then you need to internalize the fact that content is almost everything. I say almost because there are other factors in play that make the difference between a sale or someone clicking on your link. Now that you know how to produce your own high quality content, go and do it. A word of advice, the most difficult part of writing is bringing yourself to start; once you begin creating content, then the words should come to you. If they don’t then read our post about “How To Overcome Writer’s Block.” Also, if you feel like you simply aren’t a talented writer, then get in touch with us at and we’ll create your content for you. As the old saying goes, content is king.


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