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Successful people do multiple things in the morning, but what helps them throughout their day? How are they so productive and what keeps them going on a daily basis? Before we get started, it’s important to note that everyone has their own definition of

How to keep customers coming back

  As a businessman/woman, you’ll probably do some research on how to keep customers loyal. It might seem like a difficult task but you’ll be surprised on how easy it actually is. Customer loyalty is an essential part of business success as it maintains

How To Overcome Writer's Block

  Writer’s block is a major topic of discussion within the writing community and we felt like it’s time for Cosmometier to address it. Before you start reading our tips, it’s important to understand the root causes of writer’s block. People generally experience

How To Get Your Site Indexed By Google Within 24 Hours

  You launched your site and immediately opened Google to see how you ranked on search engines but when you type in your domain name you find no results. At that point, you’re feeling distressed so you decide to search why your site isn’t

The Basics Of Digital Marketing

  Marketing is a lengthy topic that some may find boring while others will enjoy immensely. The primary work you’ll be doing while marketing is research. This is the less enjoyable part of marketing but believe us when we say that your hard work will