The 7 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites

Affiliate Marketing Websites

Affiliate marketing has been receiving a tremendous amount of attention from the business community, entrepreneurs, and people who are looking to make some extra money on the side. Although affiliate marketing is simple, it’s difficult to ascertain a well-paying merchant. You’ve probably seen all the ads that say you can make thousands of dollars through affiliate marketing which is true, but extremely difficult. People make a profit by saying that making money is easy even though it isn’t. The affiliate marketing business is filled with competition and the companies that partake in this activity aren’t fools. They won’t work with you unless you have an audience that’s valuable, a website that’s credible, and a team that’s reliable. So, now that I’ve brought you back to reality, let’s look on the bright side of things. You definitely have a chance to make some extra money if you know what you’re doing and stay consistent. I’m going to presume that you’ve already done the necessary research and are just looking for companies that are currently seeking affiliate marketing websites. So, without further ado, here are the best 7 affiliate marketing websites.

1. Viglink


Links have been an overlooked aspect of marketing due to their subtle nature and lack of visual appeal. Viglink is an affiliate marketing network that is determined to change that by finding keywords within your content and linking them to affiliates. This works like any other affiliate marketing opportunity in the sense that you’re payed a portion of each sale that you help make. If you have a blog, which you should if you’re hoping to make a profit from affiliate marketing, then Viglink is absolutely perfect for you. It won’t take up any ad space and will allow you to make revenue from your content without having to do any work; you just add their code to your site and Viglink does the marketing for you. Having trouble creating good content? Get in touch with us or read our article on “How To Overcome Writer’s Block” so you can convert leads into sales.

2. Amazon Affiliate 

Amazon Affiliate

Everyone knows Amazon’s name so if you’re looking for a credible affiliate marketing opportunity, then this is your best bet. Be warned, it’s difficult to make sales with Amazon’s affiliate marketing program if your site isn’t receiving a large amount of traffic. All you have to do is place a banner on your site that displays an item related to your niche. Make sure to place the banner in an area which will optimize the exposure it receives. This will affect your visitors and hopefully lead to a sale. If you place ads for items that have a high price but don’t interest your audience, then you’re simply not going to make any conversions. An example of this would be to place a laptop ad on a site that focuses on food; the two are simply not related. Look for items that your visitors want and then watch the sales trickle in.

3. Shareasale


The name says it all. Share a sale with your affiliate by driving prospective customers to their product. Once a purchase is made, you receive a percentage of the sale; this is the classic form of affiliate marketing. Shareasale is a reliable affiliate marketing website that enables you to get in touch with merchants who want to advertise their products on your site. There are thousands of merchants seeking affiliates so your chances of finding a well-paying company are astronomical. This is a good affiliate website for people who are just starting out in the affiliate marketing industry.

4. Rakuten Marketing 

Rakuten Marketing

A reliable affiliate marketing website that is oriented towards merchants who want to expand their brand without having to worry about any financial or legal repercussions. Rakuten Marketing has received numerous rewards as a platform that connects merchants with well-renowned affiliates. Their affiliate program has led to more than 100 million worldwide sales; a number that no one else can brag about. In fact, the opportunities made available through Rakuten Marketing are extensive for the right advertiser. Rakuten Marketing is a good affiliate marketing website for beginners and experienced marketers. You won’t have to worry about payments and features since Rakuten Marketing provides everything you need to make money from your affiliate marketing interactions.

5. Cj Affiliate 

CJ Affiliate

For those of you who are the owners of well-renowned websites, this is the affiliate marketing program you need to get in on. Highly exclusive, CJ Affiliate only accepts the best of the best. You won’t be able to join this affiliate website if you aren’t receiving thousands of visitors on a monthly basis. You’ll also need to possess a decent amount of credibility to even be considered. Like I said, this is an affiliate marketing website that’s for well-established companies looking for more than a few dollars. Major corporations such as Under Armour partake in CJ Affiliate’s program which means that your website will be an affiliate of some of the leading businesses on the planet. Make yourself well known before trying to jump onto Cj Affiliate. If you want to increase your website’s reputability, then you should start by decreasing the time it takes for your content to be indexed by Google. Check out our “How To Get Your Site Indexed By Google In 24 Hours” article to become a pro at SEO.

6. WealthyAffiliate 

Wealthy Affiliate

WealthyAffiliate is like no other affiliate marketing program named on this list. To start, you can create your own website with hosting when you create an account on WealthyAffiliate. They even compare their plans to competitors within their industry to show you just how affordable WealthyAffiliate is. In fact, this affiliate marketing website will guide you through each step in order to start making revenue from your website. Take a look at their site and what they have to offer and you’ll probably end up buying from them. The reason behind this is because they have such a visually appealing website that accentuates their unique services. If you’re completely new to the affiliate marketing scene and have a large budget, then WealthyAffiliate has what you’re looking for.

7. Ebay Partner Network

Ebay Partner Network

If you’re an active seller or buyer on Ebay, then you may be interested in their affiliate program. You don’t actually have to be active on Ebay, but you do have to possess a site that’s worth advertising on. Ebay’s affiliate marketing program is very similar to Amazon’s. You find an affiliate and advertise their product on your site. Once a purchase is made from your efforts, you’ll receive a portion of that sale. Sounds good right? There’s nothing too unique about this program other than Ebay’s terms of use and policies. However, there is an offer to earn Double Commissions during your first three months, so you’ll certainly want to take advantage of that while it lasts.


I’ve listed the best affiliate marketing programs available on the internet, so now it’s up to you to choose which one you’ll be working with. You may even want to join each affiliate marketing website if you’re ready for some serious advertising; make sure to read the policies of each affiliate marketing program so that you don’t violate any rules within a certain program. Like any endeavor, try your best and see what works. Odds are you’ll find something that’s perfect for you.


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